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NZ Adventure Activity price guide

New Zealand Adventure Activity price guide

This will give you a rough idea of what you would have to pay for a few adventure activities in New Zealand.
Prices were compiled around January 2007 and will be different from company to company, this is just a guide.

All Prices are in New Zealand Dollars

White-water rafting                               $85-$165
Black-water rafting                             $90-$145
Outdoor rock climbing                       $95-$185
Indoor rock climbing                          $12-$20
Abseiling                                             $95-$105
Canyoning                                           $125-$235
Paragliding                                            $140
Caving                                                  $20-$165
Extreme swings                         $100-$160
Kayaking                                              $70-$125
Sailing                                                  $85-$195
Jet ski rental                                         $110-$295
Powerboating                                       $68-$99
Tank driving                                         $675
Hot air ballooning                                 $220-$300
Horse riding                                          $45-$200
Race car driving                                    $190-$650
Bungy Jumping                         $100-$350


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