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The Zorb is the latest adventure experience brought to you from that little spot of land way down in the corner of your map called New Zealand. Yeah - get your atlases out, brush off the cobwebs from your old geography school-books - I'm not lying, you'll find it way off to the right and South of that big lump of land called Australia. OK, for those of you too lazy to search it out I'll try and find a web page that'll show you where we are .... hold on ....... dammit there's gotta be something here .... OK here you go (mind you, make sure you come right back here after your quick trip to the Antipodes.)


Anyway, as I was saying, the Zorb is the latest adventure experience from New Zealand. The place that brought you all Bungy jumping, Jet boating, the bar-fly, Sir Edmund Hillary, the All Blacks, Split Enz, Dame Edna Everidge (no - hang on - she's from Australia, whew that was close). Anyway - the point is we've brought you heaps of great stuff and the Zorb is the latest in a long line.

Still, this is not a History lesson or a Geography lesson.

Zorbing New Zealand

Zorb Rotorua is the home of Zorb and offers several different types of Zorb experiences. In the Hydro Zorb we add water into the Zorb so you can run, tumble or slide inside as the Zorb hurtles down the hill.  This is great on your own or with two or three people inside together. We have cool water in summer and warm water in winter! Try our Zig Zag track for the more adventurous Zorbonaut, available to single Hydro riders only. In the Harness Zorb you are safely harnessed inside the Zorb before rolling head over heels downhill. This is for one person at a time and with the harness Zorb you don't get wet!

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