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New Zealand is known to offer some of the world's finest big game trophy hunting. Dedicated hunters hold New Zealand in high regard for the quality of its trophies, the outstanding alpine and forest habitats and the year round open season for deer species.

Hunting permits are readily available free of charge to responsible hunters from New Zealand and overseas in order to keep animal numbers under control. Our twenty Forest Parks and countless reserves offer a superb fair chase challenge to the independent hunter. Tourists need to declare imported firearms to New Zealand Customs and obtain a permit from New Zealand Police.

Hunting the New Zealand Tahr

New Zealand's principal big game animals are wapiti, red, sika, rusa, sambar, fallow and whitetail deer as well as Himalayan thar, Austrian chamois, wild pigs and goats. Small game in NZ includes rabbits, hares and opossums as well as waterfowl and upland game birds (in season).

Many New Zealand tourists hire a professional hunting guide to ensure they get good results and bag a worthy trophy. New Zealand's steep terrain can be physically demanding and local hunting knowledge is essential for success, so it makes good sense to go into the hills with an expert. Helicopter access into remote areas of New Zealand is generally the best way of gaining a top trophy. In recent years blocks of private NZ land have been opened up as trophy game reserves. This means the hunter can study animals and assess trophy potential before beginning to stalk his quarry.

New Zealand like other parts of the world has seasonal factors to consider. The deer mating period in April to May and the casting of antlers by October, so generally trophy hunting is confined to April to September.

New Zealand will give you the perfect hunting experience.

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