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Bag jet lag

Bag jet lag: don't let fatigue, sleepiness, disorientation, and general malaise spoil one minute of your vacation
Natural Health, May, 2005

Bag Jet Lag


Don't let fatigue, sleepiness, disorientation, andgeneral malaise spoil one minute of your vacation.what Anti-let-Lag Diet No Jet-Lagwhy A pre-trip eating program This homeopathic remedy can help reset your contains Arnica montana biological clock to your (leopard's bane), Bellis destination time. perennis (daisy), Chamomilla (wild chamomile), ipecacuanha (ipecac), and Lycopodium (clubmoss).the Developed by the United Seventy-five percent of 55evidence States Department of Energy, flight attendants traveling the diet was found effective from New Zealand to the when tested on National United States, Asia, and Guard personnel deployed Europe reported that the across nine time zones, and product reduced their is also used by other symptoms of jet lag, branches of the military.

according to manufacturer testing.caveats No morning coffee for four None when used as days! instructed.using it Three to four days out, Take one tablet at wheelsbegin alternating "feast" up, another every two hours days (double helpings) with during the flight (unless "fast" days (800 calories you're on a long-haul flight total). Eat high-protein and can sleep), and one breakfasts and lunches, and after each landing, high-carbohydrate dinners. including stopovers. No caffeine before 3 p.m, and no alcohol at all is allowed.

Plug in your route at; for $10.95, you'll receive a customized meal plan.what Exercisewhy Exercise helps to reset circadian rhythms. Resistance exercise, in particular, affectsbiological "clocks" in your muscles, helping you adjust to a new time zone.the A number of publishedevidence studies, including one from Harvard Medical School in Boston, have concluded that exercise is helpful for reducing the severity of jet lag.caveats

You actually have to get up and do it while you're on vacation.using it Exercise for 45 minutes in the mornings at your destination. Rubber exercise bands or tubing make easy-to-tote resistance tools. Do it outdoors--you'll get a double dose of help because daylight also aids in resetting your body clock.

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