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Changing a Flat Tyre

What You'll Need

  • Spare Tyre, inflated properly
  • Tyre Blocks (optional)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Flashlight (optional)

Most vehicles will have an owners' manual which will tell you where to look for the jack and the spare tire.

You should make sure that your spare tyre is properly inflated, and you have all the necessary tools before you drive off...just in case you get a flat.

Step 1: Choose your spot well

  • Pull off the road so that you are safely out of the flow of traffic
  • Try to stop in a straight part of the road, so that passing traffic can see you from a distance
  • Stop the car on a level spot, it is unsafe to jack up a car on an incline
  • Turn on your Hazard lights

Step 2: Remove tools from vehicle

  • Retrieve the tools listed above from the car and place them within reach
  • If desired, put on the gloves, and place the blocks under the tyre opposite the flat

Step 3: Loosen the lug nuts

  • Remove the hubcap, if necessary
  • Using the lugwrench, begin to loosen the lug nuts
  • Do not remove the lug nuts, only loosen them

Step 4: Jack up the vehicle

  • Consult your owners' manual and find where the jack needs to be positioned
  • Position the jack under the car, and raise the jack until it contacts the frame
  • Make sure the jack is properly positioned
  • Extend the jack until the tyre is about 6 inches off the ground

  • Remove the lug nuts from the bolts, and put them aside
  • Grab the wheel
  • Pull the wheel straight toward you, and off the car

Step 6: Put on the spare tyre

  • Position the spare tyre directly in front of the wheel well
  • Align the holes in the center of the spare tyre with the bolts on the car
  • Lift the spare tyre and position it on the threaded bolts
  • Push the tyre onto the car until it cannot go any farther
  • Replace the lugnuts on the bolts and tighten them, but not too tight...just enough to hold the tire in place while you lower the car

Step 7: Lower the vehicle

  • Lower the car with the jack until the car is again resting on all four tyres
  • Tighten the lugnuts, starting with one, then moving to the one opposite it, and so on...

Step 8: Put the tools away

  • Place the flat tyre where the spare was located
  • Replace the jack and lug wench in their proper locations
  • Carefully inspect your work area and make sure that you're not leaving anything
  • Continue on to your destination, and have the flat tyre repaired

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