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Hut's Of New Zealand - The Hiker's Hidden Gem

By Thomas J J Johnson
New Zealand is a brilliant destination for hikers and backpackers. The hut system throughout the country is simply amazing. The huts are comfortable, cheap, often empty and located amongst some of the best scenery around. This article will give an overview of the hut system and show you how it can give you an amazing outdoor experience while costing you very little money.

What is a Hut?

In New Zealand a hut refers to a wide variety of simple accommodation usually only accessible by foot or helicopter. Huts range from single room shacks with no facilities to multi-room buildings with flush toilets. Typically a hut has enough bunk room and mattresses for 6-15 people. They have well maintained long drop toilets, sinks with a water supply from the hut roof and an enclosed fire place. You might be surprised at how cheap the accommodation is considering the remote locations.

How much do they Cost?

Hut prices are very reasonable ranging from $5-15 per night. But the annual hut passes are the really great thing. It costs $90 and you can stay in as many huts as you look for a whole year. Many visitors make full use of this staying in huts for most of their time in the country. Even with such low prices the huts usually aren't full.

Are they overcrowded?

The huts are typically quite underused apart from the most popular tracks. In some areas you are highly likely to have the hut to yourself. The extremely popular walks designated as great walks actually have a booking system for the huts, the rest you just have to hope they aren't full when you turn up. If all the bunks are full they usually have extra mattresses so you can sleep on the floor in comfort.

Where Are Huts Found?

Huts are generally on government land in national parks which are wilderness reserves set aside to maintain the countries natural beauty. So you'll most likely be in a remote location with beautiful scenery all around. Native forests, clear rivers and mountains are a few of the features you can expect. If you're into trout fishing, mountaineering or hunting many of the huts are in prime locations.

As you can see New Zealand's hut system makes it a brilliant destination for lovers of remote outdoor environments who want comfortable and affordable accommodation. Many of the huts have a very interesting mining and hunting history. So if this sounds good to you, get into it!

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