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Hillary Commission for Sport

The Hillary commission organisation is now known as Sparc (Sport and Recreation New Zealand)

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The KiwiSport Programme was instigated by The Hillary Commission in 1988 to encourage participation by young people in Physical activity. KiwiSport is targeted towards New Zealand children aged 7 to 12 years old (Hillary Commission, 1992).

The Hillary Commission believed that it is in New Zealand’s best interest to produce children who are physically fit, highly motivated to participate in physical activity and who are willing to join in team tasks, sports, games and other events. The commission believed that teachers and coaches should have complete and inclusive programmes in the area of sport and physical activity to promote and encourage a lifetime commitment to an active lifestyle (Hillary Commission, 1996).

Children are not mini-adults. Their needs and priorities are different from those of adults. Factors such as stage of growth, social development, level of maturation and previous learning determines the needs of different children; individuals or groups. This is why the Hillary Commission launched kiwiSport as it provides simple, fun games and activities for all levels. The activities are uncomplicated, and do not require great teaching knowledge. The emphasis is on maximum participation with children progressing at their own rate (Hillary Commssion, 1997).

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