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Learner Drivers Licence Conditions

 New Zealand Learner licence conditions

1. You must not drive on your own. A supervisor must be sitting in the front passenger seat beside you when you're driving. Your supervisor must hold (and have held for at least two years) a current full New Zealand driver licence.

2. You must display 'L' (learner) plates on the front and rear of the vehicle.

3. You must have your learner licence with you when you're driving.

Before you learn to drive on the road you must get a learner licence. You'll need to:

* fill out an application form
* produce your full birth certificate*, passport or other proof of your identity and age
* produce evidence of your current address
* pay the fees for the learner licence application and the test
* provide an eyesight certificate from a New Zealand-registered doctor or New Zealand-registered optometrist (this must not be more than 60 days old), or pass an eyesight check
* have your photograph taken and provide a signature
* pass the learner licence test; this is a theory test that assesses your knowledge of the road rules.

When you pass the test you'll be given a temporary learner licence, valid for 21 days, to use until you receive your photo driver licence in the mail. (It should arrive within two to three weeks.)

* You must not drive on your own. You must be accompanied by a supervisor, who must always sit in the front passenger seat beside you. A supervisor is someone who holds a current full New Zealand car driver licence and has held it for at least two years.
* If you are learning to ride a moped, you must not ride it between 10 pm and 5 am.
* You must display L (learner) plates on the vehicle at all times when you're driving. You can obtain L plates from Land Transport NZ driver licensing agents.
* There's no law stopping you from carrying passengers. However, if you do, your supervisor (who will must be seated next to you in the vehicle) must agree to this - the supervisor is responsible for everyone in the vehicle and for what happens when you're driving.

After holding a learner licence for at least six months, you can book a time at a driver licensing agent to sit your restricted licence test. The restricted licence test is a practical test of your driving.

Learner licence application fee
Learner licence test $39.70
Restricted licence application fee
Restricted licence test $48.90
Full licence application fee
Full licence test $70.80
(Total $282.30) All fees include GST and are non-refundable.

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