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Fuel Economy Tips

These tips, if you think about them are all common sense, but it is easy to forget the simple stuff.

1.Drive smoothly and slowly accelerate, change gears smoothly at around 2000-2500rpm if you have a rev counter. If you drive an automatic and have an economy setting, select it.

2.The speed limit on the open road in NZ is 100kmph. Travelling just 10km at 110kmph over that will increase your fuel usage by around 13%.

3.Don't leave the Air Conditioning on all the time. Only use it when you really need it. This can by one of the best ways of using extra fuel. It will increase your fuel usage by around 10%.

4.Get rid of any extra weight. Don't remove your spare tyre to do this, you may need that.

5.Take any roofracks off when you are not using them the drag of any roof rack will increase your usage by around 5%.

6.Make sure your car has regular servicing and the tyre pressures are correct with the correct tyres. Make sure the wheels are aligned and the tyres are balanced.

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