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Motorcycle Rental

Hire locations for a motorbike in New Zealand are not widespread around the country, as it is in Europe or the USA. New Zealanders have not embraced travelling by motorcycle as a preferred mode of transport, so not too many of them go out and hire bikes and most tourists travel by motorhome or car.

You can still rent a motorbike but you will find companies can charge more for the motorcycle compared to other forms of transport, as there are not too many places to 'shop around'

During the spring and summer travelling by motorbike is a great way of seeing New Zealand. The South Island is the best island to explore on your motorbike adventure, with the nice roads and great scenery. 
If you were to split your time over the two islands spend 2/3 of longer tours in the South Island, for shorter trips, around 1-2 weeks stay in the South Island

You can hire everything you need from most places and the charges are around free with longer hires to $1 per day, per item for gloves rain jackets and other accessories including tank bags.

Some hire companies give you a certain amount of maximum km's per day (around 350) then can charge around 30 cents per extra kilometre.

Bonds are anywhere upward from $1000 depending on the size and style of bike.

If you are hiring for a long period of time find out if the rental company offer a 'buy back' option. This is where they sell you the bike and guarantee to buy the bike back at the end of you journey if you can't sell it to someone on your travels.

The prices of renting motorbikes range from the 250cc model at around $100 per day to the 1000cc+ models (depending on make, and whether you are hiring in the peak summer season or the spring/autumn shoulder season) which are getting up to $400 per day. 
There are many makes and models to choose from at most good motorcycle rental companies to suit the taste of the rider.

If you love your motorcycle in your home country you must give New Zealand a go by bike.

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