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Tranz Scenic TranzCoastal (South Island)

The TranzCoastal Picton to Christchurch - Gateway to South Island adventure.

Discover the wild spirit of the coast

The TranzCoastal train journey travels between the delightful port of Picton and Christchurch, the South Island's largest city. This journey is a scenic feast of New Zealand, with the Kaikoura mountain ranges on one side of your train and the rugged Pacific Ocean coastline on the other. Along the way you pass though the village of Kaikoura, where, if you're touring New Zealand, you can break your journey to take in the whale watching or dare to get closer and swim with the dolphins.

Travel through some of New Zealand's finest horticultural and farmland areas, and see amazing wildlife such as dolphins, seals and penguins from the comfort of your train carriage.

One of the world's most scenic train journeys, the TranzCoastal travels through 22 tunnels and crosses 175 bridges, one of them being New Zealand's only road-rail bridge. As on the TranzAlpine, the TranzCoastal includes an open air viewing carriage where all your senses are awakened with the clean, fresh, sea air.

The TranzCoastal departs Christchurch and Picton daily.



Daily Timetable
Christchurch depart 7.00am
Rangiora depart 7.28am
Waipara depart 7.56am
Mina depart 8.45am
Kaikoura depart 9.54am
Seddon depart 11.18am
Blenheim depart 11.46am
Picton arrive 12.13pm
Picton depart 1.00pm
Blenheim depart 1.33pm
Seddon depart 2.02pm
Kaikoura depart 3.28pm
Mina depart 4.37pm
Waipara depart 5.30pm
Rangiora depart 5.57pm
Christchurch arrive 6.21pm


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