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Luxury Tourism in New Zealand

Luxury Tourism in New Zealand
By Stephen Hay

Tourism in New Zealand is changing its focus. Backpacking and bungy jumping are still popular but a more affluent traveller is now visiting. And more often.

Are you a member of this new profile? Are you an Interactive Traveller®?

Or do you cater to them?

Who is an Interactive Traveller®?


"Interactive Travellers® are regular international travellers who consume a wide range of tourism products and services. They are travellers who seek out new experiences that involve engagement and interaction, and they demonstrate respect for natural, social and cultural environments."
Tourism New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand has made good use of the information that you give when you fill in all those forms "for statistical purposes only".

There is a new group of tourists coming to New Zealand in increasing numbers. They come from a range of countries around the world and are more likely to fall into one of two age groups: 25-34 years of age or 50-64 years.

As a member of the younger group, you probably haven’t yet had children, while those of you in the older age group are likely to be ‘empty nesters’ (your children have left home) or travelling with teenagers (who need their own space).

Regardless of age, you are more likely to have discretionary income available to spend on travel. So luxury travel is an obvious choice.

Do you see yourself fitting in here? Regardless of age-group?

In addition to these two more general aspects, as an Interactive Traveller® you are more likely to:


Read newspapers and magazines. You make a point of staying informed, following business news, current affairs and travel publications.
Research travel destinations thoroughly. You like to know about where you’re going and what you can do when you get there. You research destinations using the internet, guide books, word of mouth and travel agents. But you also like to leave room for spontaneity...
Go to the cinema, theatre, galleries and museums. You pursue culture at home and when you’re away on holiday. You appreciate both contemporary and historical cultural experiences.
Be high users of technology. Interactive Travellers® have fully embraced computers, the internet, digital cameras, pay TV and other forms of lifestyle information technology.
Aim to be healthy. You are more likely to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. Some of you also prefer organic foods.
Entertain at home. You enjoy cooking and socialising with friends at all times of the year. Travel is a likely topic of conversation.
Have liberal attitudes. Interactive Travellers® have open minds. You’re tolerant of beliefs that don’t match your own, and you’re prepared to listen to new ideas.
Take risks. Challenging situations, both mental and physical, appeal. You enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing something you haven’t done before. Yes, you can still bungy-jump should you wish.
Have a high disposable income. Interactive Travellers® have enough money to travel regularly and purchase high-value travel experiences. You’re also willing to pay more for experiences that are authentic or exclusive.
Enjoy fine cuisine and wine. Food and wine adds essential flavour to travel, as far as the Interactive Traveller® is concerned. You expect hospitality of an international standard, but you also want to try authentic local delicacies and cooking styles.
Have influence in your peer group. Most importantly, you share travel stories, both at home and while you’re travelling. You follow word-of-mouth recommendations from people you respect, and you are a dependable source, sharing your own travel experiences.

Importantly, Tourism New Zealand determined that, "while Interactive Travellers® enjoy these things, they are not primary motivations for travel to New Zealand."

So why visit?

Your key reason to visit New Zealand is to interact with the landscape. Landscapes you can taste..., THE site for the Interactive Traveller.

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