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working holiday in New Zealand

Want to get a real taste of life in New Zealand?

If you are aged 18 to 30 years of age and hold a valid passport for one of the countries listed below you might be able to apply for a work visa or permit, under one of New Zealand's Working Holiday Schemes. Applicants from some countries can also apply online (only available for the Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta,the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and USA working holiday schemes  other countries will follow. Please check with the New Zealand Immigration Department at a later date).

In addition to New Zealands general requirements such as being in good health and being of good character and not having been approved a visa or permit under a New Zealand working holiday scheme before, there may be other requirements you need to meet. These differ depending on what the New Zealand Immigration Department have agreed with the government of the working holiday scheme country. These requirements include:

  • the number of people New Zealand accepts annually for working holidays
  • the length of stay you're allowed
  • the amount of funds the New Zealand Immigration Department require you to have when you arrive.

See�your country at New Zealand Immigration Department to find out what requirements you would need to meet and how to apply:

What opportunities are there for a working holiday in New Zealand?

'Will I be able to get a job?' If you're thinking about coming to New Zealand for a working holiday, this is one of the most important questions to ask. And the answer depends on your skills and experience, the kind of work you're looking for, and what's available.

New Zealand is looking for people who value our culture, our country, our way of life. You may only want to come and work for a short time, but these are still important. If you really want to experience New Zealand, your positive attitude will help you get work.

New Zealand's economy is growing and it's stronger now than it's been for several years. There's a high level of employment but it's still a competitive job market. The employment scene scene is changing because of technology and differences in our workforce.

The labour market is diverse and there are different work opportunities in different regions of New Zealand. Seasonal work is popular for people on working holidays. There are opportunities in orchards, vineyards, agriculture, tourist destinations, and the hospitality industry.

Finding work can take some time and effort, but there are agencies and organisations that can help you succeed. The New Zealand Immigration Department will tell you about the skills New Zealand is looking for, what requirements there are for jobs and how to look for employment.

About applying for a Working Holiday Scheme Work Visa or Permit

If you want to come to New Zealand under a Working Holiday Scheme, you will probably need to apply for a Work Visa. Find out about visas and permits, and whether you need one.

You will also need a Work Permit to allow you to work once you arrive in New Zealand. All of the work permit information is at theNew Zealand Immigration Department

Do I need medical insurance?

Nearly all New Zealand's working holiday schemes require you to have comprehensive medical and hospitalisation insurance for the period of your stay in New Zealand.

People covered by New Zealand's Reciprocal Health Agreement with the United Kingdom are entitled to publicly funded health care for immediately necessary medical treatment only. So the New Zealand Immigration Department recommends that you obtain comprehensive medical insurance for the duration of your working holiday, before you leave for New Zealand.

What about my partner or children?

You cannot bring children to New Zealand on a Working Holiday Scheme Work Visa.

Unless the scheme rules for your country state that you can't be accompanied by a partner, your partner may also qualify for a Working Holiday Scheme Work Visa if:

  • they make their own application
  • they can also meet the scheme requirements and conditions.

What are multiple visas?

Working Holiday Scheme Work Visas are usually multiple visas. This means that you can enter and leave New Zealand freely during the period of stay authorised by your Work Permit. However, any time you spend out of New Zealand does not get added to the time your Work Permit is valid for.

What if I need to stay longer?

If you want to stay in New Zealand longer, you will need to apply for another type of permit as either a temporary worker, student or a resident.

You will need to allow sufficient time for a decision to be made on your application before your current permit expires. If your current permit does expire, your application for a further permit does not make your stay in New Zealand lawful or give you the right to remain in New Zealand while your application is being considered.

What is a Work Permit?

A Work Permit is an endorsement or stamp�in your passport or travel document which allows you to work in New Zealand. If your Work Permit is granted when you arrive in New Zealand, it is subject to any conditions stated in your Work Visa.

If your Work Permit is granted by one of the New Zealand Immigration Department branch offices after you arrive in New Zealand, it will state the permit expiry date and the conditions under which you are allowed to work in New Zealand.Conditions can include the type of work you are allowed to do, the employer you may work for, and the location in New Zealand where you may work.

When can I apply?

Generally, you need to be resident in your home country when you apply. However if you're from Germany, Ireland, or the USA (working holidays online countries), or Canada, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Norway,�Thailand or Singapore, you do not have to apply from within your home country. Wherever you apply from, you will still need to meet the requirements of your country's scheme.

For more information and an application form please go to;

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