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The Canterbury Cricket Association Inc was formed in 1877, and is one of six major cricket associations within New Zealand. The association is responsible for the administration of all forms of traditional cricket within the Canterbury region with the exception of indoor cricket and Christchurch Suburban Cricket (CSCA). The Canterbury region, which is the largest geographically in New Zealand, includes metropolitan Christchurch as well as five district associations including Buller, Canterbury Country, Mid-Canterbury, South Canterbury and West Coast.
The CCA has a large number of members and stakeholders, and figures collected at the last New Zealand Cricket Census, player numbers totalled around 18,000 of a national total of 92,000. The major stakeholders of the association are the five districts, the CSCA, the clubs in the Christchurch metro competition, the Christchurch Junior Cricket Association, the Canterbury Regional Umpires Association, and the Canterbury Umpires Association.
The CCA has ten full-time staff, and a number of part-time seasonal workers who assist during the peak work-load of the cricket season which runs from October to March. The full-time staff are responsible for different departments within the organisation, with each department adding value to the final output, or product, which is the sport of cricket.




Canterbury Cricket Association
23A Iversen Terrace (Street Address)
PO Box 789 (Postal Address)
New Zealand
Phone 0064 3 366 3003

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