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Spas and Resorts

New Zealand resorts and spas have great facilities with everything to pamper your needs as you holiday around NZ.

Situated in some of the best locations in New Zealand these exclusive purpose built resorts offer top-of-the-line facilities or specialist accommodation such as health spas. Resorts have fully equipped restaurants, with many having swimming pools, spas, tennis courts and golf courses. Health spas offer a range of therapeutic options.

The word and concept of the Spa actually originates from the time of the Roman Empire when battle weary legionnaires tried to find a way to recover from their military wounds and ailments. They sought out hot wells and then built baths so that they could heal their aching bodies; calling these places 'aquae' and naming the bathing treatments undertaken there "Sanus Per Aquam"(Spa), meaning health by or through water. During this period, the town Spa in Belgium was founded for this purpose, rising to fame in the 14th century and still existing today.

Having originated from this time, the culture of Spa developed in different ways throughout Europe, from the ongoing use of mineral water, through to using seawater and marine substances (Thalassotherapy) and a wide range of body and other therapies. Yet even today, the concept of health or healing forms the basis of the spa culture worldwide and hydrotherapy is seen as its defining feature

New Zealand retreat spas, which also usually incorporate lifestyle programmes alongside spa treatments and therapies. They also and probably more predominantly are for relaxation and pampering. New Zealand also has the day spa, which are an inner city "sanctum" offering spa services, whilst having a strong beauty and hairdressing focus.

The treatments offered at New Zealand spa resorts can range from wet treatments (wet table with Vichy shower and/or hydrotherapy) to dry treatments (e.g. massage, body wraps), to wellness therapies, such as oxygen inhalation and health assessments and beauty treatments. There is also usually a sauna, steam room and spa pool available for use. Although hydrotherapy is still regarded as an important treatment [a spa is not really a spa without it], these new spas no longer need to use or be near mineral water, as they did in Roman times.

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