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Did you know that beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in New Zealand? I bet you are asking yourself whether this is true. Well, now you know. In New Zealand, beer accounts for over 60 percent of the alcoholic drinks that you can easily buy from any bar, store or supermarket. Two major companies dominate brewery in New Zealand but there are hundreds of craft breweries even in the remote parts of the country.


If you are intending to travel to New Zealand and beer is your source of good times. There is a reason to smile. If you love craft brewed alcoholic drinks, New Zealand is the place to sample the world’s unique drinks that you may not find in your home country.


There is high competition among different local breweries in New Zealand and the quality of beer is very high. Additionally, the country has high standards to regulate beer production. Whether you buy your drink from a craft brewery or from the leading producers, you can be sure that quality is never compromised. Beer quality is regulated from the brewery to when it is served to consumers.


If you are a tourist in New Zealand, you can try beer tourism and enjoy your favourite brand from craft bars and pubs throughout the country. If there are strict rules in your country that regulate beer consumption, New Zealand is the place to enjoy your favourite drink and enjoy your trip. Here brewing is a culture and craft pubs and bars are the order of the day. If you are not working In New Zealand, then most likely you are relaxing seeping your favourite beer.


Beer in readily available in New Zealand and there are numerous family-run craft breweries that are ready to serve you with their locally made beer brands. The local people are very welcoming and you can comfortably share a pint of some beer direct from a craft brewery with the locals. 


Are you still wondering how to reach some of the craft pubs and bars in New Zealand and sample their local beer brands straight from the brewery? It is very easy. Craft pubs and bars are located in most towns and usually you can easily reach them by foot from your hotel. Now you know, take advantage of your trip in the New Zealand and extend your fun sampling some beer.



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