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Motorhome Driving Tips

New Zealand law requires any persons travelling in the front seat of a motorhome, campervan or mobile home to wear seatbelts. If seatbelts are fitted in the rear please use them for your safety, seatbelts save lives!

If you are holding up traffic be courteous and move your motorhome, campervan or mobile home to the left and let the traffic pass safely.

If you feel you are getting tired pull over and take a rest or find a rest area and stay the night.

Motorhomes, campervans and mobile homes have significant windage, so take special care in exposed or windy places and when cornering.

New Zealand has a number of hills and winding mountain pass roads, which change the conditions of the roads and weather conditions quickly. Allow plenty of time to reach your destination.

Comfortable driving distances in a day are around 300kms, but less if you want to stop to look at the scenic wonders and enjoy attractions around New Zealand.

If you are travelling in rural and remote country areas around New Zealand make sure that the gas and petrol or diesel tank is full as fuel stations are more widely spread.

Driving on New Zealand roads


If you have any other motorhome driving tips that will help travellers around NZ please add them.

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I loved driving my campervan around, it had great visibility because of the height and great big mirrors. Watch out for people who tailgate, this happens alot, just pull to the side and let them pass. My campervan had a bigger engine and had a bit of go for a big vehicle.

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Campervans are not quick, so you are not going anywhere fast. We hired a 2000cc campervan that went about 25kmph up some of those hills. Its good for seeing the scenery.
If you can get a big engined one so you can get over the hills.

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Always remember how high your campervan is. We found out the embarrassing way. You cannot go drive through. Very hard to back up with a line of cars behind you.

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