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Great Reasons to Travel in a Motorhome

  • When you get hungry, you just pull over and eat in any part of scenic NZ.
  • You have the option of your own bathroom ,without searching for rest areas.
  • You have the right clothes for whatever weather New Zealand can throw at you.
  • You don't have to pay for nightly and costly accommodation rates.
  • No more arriving at your New Zealand motel and finding you forgot to pack some of your essentials.
  • No crowded airports, security checks, overbooked flights or lost luggage.
  • You can visit friends and relatives and arrive with your own spare room, this means with less impact on their privacy and hospitality.
  • No more juggling suitcases, bags and coats to motel rooms located up a flight of stairs and down two hallways from the car. No more packing, unpacking, packing and repacking at each stop.
  • You have the best scenic view of NZ through the windows of your motorhome, compared to the low view through a car windshield.
  • You can see all the wonders of beautiful New Zealand from the comfort of our own home.
  • If you get sleepy you don't need to find accommodation, just a quiet New Zealand rest area to pull over and take a nap.
  • If you have any other great reasons please add them

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What a great time I had with my Kiwi Camper over summer 2007. I travelled all around the South Island of New Zealand with my missus and sprogs and the campervan was fantastic! Highly reccomended!

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