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Cryptopia: one of New Zealand's fastest growing companies?


Cryptopia has gone from 0 to 100 in a very short time, are they New Zealands next big thing?

Cryptopia are hiring new staff and have made it easy for New Zealanders to trade in Crypto Currencies.

Cryptopia offer their own Coin called a “Dot” and offer a share in their fees called a "CEFS" (Cryptopia Exchange Fee Share).

They offer 100's of Crypto options to buy and sell, and you can trade just a few dollars at a time.

The fees on each trade are around 0.02%.

It is great to use a New Zealand company, as you know where they are, and who they are.


Here are a couple of articles written on “Stuff” about Cryptopia to give you more of a background.


Here is a piece written on a BitCoinTalk forum with regards to the Fee Share token.

Binance (BNB) and KUCoin (KCS) tokens have exploded the last few days.

BNB token:
$2 billiion marketcap
doesn't give you any money, just discount.
Exchange has $5.5 billion daily trading volume

KCS token:
$1,7 billion marketcap
Earns about 0.5% monthy based on current prices. kcs gives you about $0.2424 daily and costs you $1848. Do the math, $7.272 monthly, 0.4% in a month, lets say 0.5%.
Exchange has $240 million daily trading volume

CEFS token:
$60 million marketcap (absolutely low compared to any other exchange token)
Exchange has $200 million daily trading volume
Earns about 1.5% monthly based on current prices. (3x more than with KCS)
There are only 6300 coins (4.5% of gross income from trading fees distributed to the holders).
They charge 0.2% on both sides, the buyer and seller, wich is 0.4% volume
$200 million daily x 30 days x 0.4% x 4.5% = $1 million dollars distributed to holders.
About $171 dollars per CEFS, wich gives us about 1.5% monthly based on current prices.

So, returns are 3 times higher holding CEFS token than holding KCS.
This could be much bigger if Cryptopia keeps expanding.
Think in $1 billion daily trading volume.
$850 monthly
So, CEFS are extremely undervaluated.
Price should be $30k at least now.
With $1 billion trading volume, price should get close to $100k
Also they just listed the token on coinmarketcap, but the token exists for almost one year and no one talks about.

Exchange is growing exponentialy, 100k new users every day, so many coins listed. twitter has 128k followers, look at their letter:
"By the 1st of December we hit 500,000 users. On the 31st of December we hit 1,000,000 users. By the 3rd of January we hit 1,100,000 users. By the 4th of January even with registrations disabled for 3 hours, we hit 1,200,000 users. With registrations paused again we're now sitting at 1,400,000 users. We've gone from just 2 people to over 50 people including contractors and consultants and we're looking to at the very least double that as soon as we can, but that also brings with it its own set of hurdles."

You can make of this what you wish.

There is more written on Cryptopia's website in the forum area.

We think Cryptopia will go from strength to strength, so watch their space.

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