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NewZealandAtoZ reviews; Speights Ale House, Dunedin 28/12/14


We have always been fans of the Dunedin Speights Ale House and look forward having a meal and a drink there.


We arrived and were not sure if we took a seat or what to do. Someone then leaned over the bar and asked us if we wanted to sit down and if we had booked.


No we had not, but there was a free table. Maybe a “wait to be seated” sign would have been good somewhere.


The staff were good and the girl serving us was very pleasant. Some pens and colouring in for the kids would have been good.


We ordered steak, pasta and two kids meals. They came out in good time. The steak was great, but the pasta was something out of Gorden Ramseys Kitchen Nightmare's, he would have called it “pasta soup”.

Chicken nuggets and chips were as expected, the fish and chips had a nice bit of fish, just a pity the batter had soaked up all the grease.


The meal just lacked some love, “get them in and out” sort of meal.


It is now off our must visit lists for Dunedin. We are sad about that.


We told the staff about the pasta expecting some sort of discount, as we did not eat much of it, but all we got off two staff was “we will tell the chef”


We did not push the issue, but will not be returning for any food


You would be better getting a similar if not better meal at any bar/pub in the area for a cheaper price.


It's a pity they are just riding on the Home of Speights hype and the quality has dropped.

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