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Safe Skiing and Snowboarding

Please take care on New Zealand’s slopes below are some safety tips.

Make sure you have enough travel insurance to cover your time on the NZ slopes.
Most travel insurance companies policies have particular coverage requirements and may have cover exclusions for activities such as skiing and snowboarding. If something goes wrong and you need to be airlifted off the mountain, you will want to be covered.

If you are a beginner to skiing or snowboarding take a lesson first so you know and respect your limitations and ability.

Stay in control at all times

When stopping on a mountain stop to the side of the ski trail and stay in the view of other skiers and snowboarders coming down the mountain.

Stick to mark trails and never ski or snowboard alone. If you are going to ski or snowboard off the main trails, make sure conditions are clear and let people know of your intentions. The best days sun can turn into white out conditions in an instant.

If you are heading off trail make sure you have all the avalanche information and safety equipment.

Whether you own your own gear or rent it, make sure boots and bindings are professionally set and adjusted. Always check them at the start of each days skiing.

Wear warm, layered clothing, including gloves and a hat. Avoid loose straps or buckles. Carry food and water if you’re heading off the main trails.

The winter sun is harsh in New Zealand so always wear protective sunglasses or goggles and a high UV factor sunscreen.

Always warm up before skiing or snowboarding.

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