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Top Golf Movies of all Time

Caddyshack 1980

The shenanegins and debauchery of young kids spending their summer caddying at a local country club are the focus of this Harold Ramis slapstick classic. The all-star cast includes Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and Rodney Dangerfield. Not only does Caddyshack top our list of the best golf movies, the American Film Institute called it one of the Top 100 Comedies in the history of cinema.


Happy Gilmore 1996

A failed hockey player discovers his grandfather's golf clubs, and a new talent along with it. Faced with the rising costs of caring for his elderly grandmother, Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) puts his unorthodox golf skills to use, hoping to earn the cash he needs on the PGA tour.


Tin Cup 1996

Though Kevin Costner is most noted for his portrayals of baseball players, he turns in a memorable performance as Rory "Tin Cup" McAvoy, a talented driving range instructor who never aspired to better things. When he meets a beautiful woman (Rene Russo) who is dating a professional golfer, McAvoy decides the best way to impress her is to try out for the US Open.


Dead Solid Perfect 1988

This 1988 HBO film was a great one, following a not-so-famous golfer on his quest to break out and define himself on the PGA Tour. Randy Quaid plays the lead role.


The Legend of Bagger Vance 2000

Though the Legend of Bagger Vance didn't perform well at the box office, it had all the makings of a great movie. A superb cast (Matt Damon, Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jack Lemon) and a story line based on an ancient Hindu folktale, the movie was reformulated around the game of golf. It's a fantastic period piece with a glimpse of golf at the beginning of it's golden age.


The Greatest Game Ever Played 2005

For all their skepticism beforehand, critics generally loved The Greatest Game Ever Played, a Disney movie starring a young Shia Labeouf. It follows the story of Francis Ouimet, a young amateur golfer who became the first non-professional to win the US Open back in 1913.


The Three Stooges' " Three Little Bears" 1935

An American classic, this short film is one of the most famous to emerge from the Stooges' considerably comedic repertoire. The three brothers head for a golf tournament, though none of the three is completely sure what golf really is.


Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius 2004

 Jim Caviezel stars as Bobby Jones in this 2004 biopic of the man who became the first titan of golf. Tepidly received at the box office and by critics, it's still a fun watch for any golf lover.


A Gentleman's Game 2001


This 2001 Gary Sinese film follows the lives of several characters whose lives change over the course of a summer at a posh East Coast country club. ESPN nominated it for "Best Sports Movie" of 2003.


 Follow the Sun: The Ben Hogan Story 1951


A very touching true story about Ben Hogan and how he recovered from a near fatal auto accident to become a true golfing legend. "The acting is a little bland, but the story is strong."


 The Caddy 1953


This is not considered a Martin & Lewis classic, but it is a pretty funny golf film...especially in an era with very few of them."


Caddyshack II 1988


Perhaps the worst thing Caddyshack II had going for it is that everybody had already seen the original. Today, it's cast aside as a horrible sequel to a fantastic movie. But taken on its own, Caddyshack II is a good laugh. Chevy Chase returns to reprise his earlier role.




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