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Rugby World Cup 2011 NZ Accommodation

Accommodation is something everybody needs when travelling to New Zealand for Rugby World Cup. To find the right sort at the right price is not easy but there are many accommodation options around NZ. 

NewZealandAtoZ will try and hunt out for you a few different accommodation sites to choose from.

You will still have to go to each site and type in your requirements. New Zealand AtoZ wants to give you the best chance of find the best accommodation for your budget.

Before looking for accommodation have a look at this article we wrote about Unfair Accommodation pricing practices in New Zealand.



Accommodation search options in NZ

This list is in no order.


Couchsurfing is basically sleeping on people's couches around the World (if you are lucky you get a bed), but a great idea for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Couchsurfing vision

"We envision a world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places we encounter. Building meaningful connections across cultures enables us to respond to diversity with curiosity, appreciation and respect. The appreciation of diversity spreads tolerance and creates a global community." RWC NZ accommodation 



This is just another sort of couchsurfing. is a homestay community that has members all over the world. With Crashpadder hosts earn extra money from their spare space, and travellers save money on expensive hotels and avoid the discomfort of hostels - by staying with a friendly local.

www.crashpadder.comRWC NZ accommodation

This is what gorugbyhomes says about themselves. Remember anyone in New Zealand can say they are "the best" or "number 1" with no facts to back up their claims. They maybe "number 1" but they "maybe number 5" we will never know.

"GoRugbyHomes.Co.Nz is the number 1 Rugby accommodation website for home owners wanting to list and rent out their home during the 2011 Rugby World Cup" RWC NZ accommodation




2011 HOME EXCHANGE REGISTER of homes available for Exchange, for Hospitality exchange or to Offer Hospitality for the duration of  9th September to 23rd October 2011 the Rugby World Cup RWC NZ accommodation


Stay in NZ

Here is another company claiming to be the "leading website for RWC accommodation".

"Stay In NZ Ltd is New Zealand's leading website for Rugby World Cup accommodation. Through our knowledge of the NZ rental market combined with our international rugby affiliations, we have selected the best resources to help 2011 World Cup travel fans and local Property Owners to find their perfect match during this exciting time." RWC NZ accommodation



At Stay2011, we have "New Zealand's largest collection of houses, apartments, rooms, campervans, baches (Kiwi for 'holiday home'), holiday parks, marae, and marine accommodation available for rent during September - October 2011." RWC NZ accommodation


YHA New Zealand

The YHA has been around along time so they should know their stuff about accommodation.

YHA New Zealand is a member of the International Youth Hostels Federation, alongside 80 other organisations worldwide united under the Hostelling International brand.

YHA and Hostelling International hostels form the world's first and largest budget accommodation network.  From the outset YHA New Zealand's goal has been: to deliver services to members which enrich their understanding of others and the environment by providing quality accommodation and travel experiences. RWC NZ accommodation



Kiwi Accommodation

Kiwi Accommodation has been delivering low cost, high quality and easily updated web pages for accommodation providers throughout New Zealand since 2002. In 2007, the site was purchased by Australian web publisher Creative Publishing Services. As part of a larger web travel publishing group, Kiwi Accommodation is extending its market reach to the benefit of advertisers and users alike.

One of the top five NZ accommodation websites, gets over 540,000 unique page views each year. The average visitor looks at five site pages and spends nearly six minutes on the site. Half the traffic comes from New Zealand and the rest is evenly divided between Australia, Asia/Pacific, UK and the USA. One in five visitors comes direct from a bookmark or as a result of brand recognition.



All the information provided in this article is for you to use to do further accommodation research. NewZealandAtoZ has not researched any company and accepts no responsibility for any bookings made.





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