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Pub Golf in New Zealand

Pub Golf in New Zealand is becoming more popular around the Pubs, Bars and Clubs. Competitors are getting together for Stag events and general outings to enjoy a round of Pub Golf.

Pub golf is a sport, much like normal golf, that takes place over 9 or 18 holes. It can be played by any number of players. The target of the game is to end on as few strokes as possible.



Hole- A pub/bar/somewhere that serves alcohol.

Stroke- A sip/gulp of the beverage.

Par - The guideline amount of gulps a drink must be downed in.


Rules and Penalties

There are all sorts of rules/ penalties that could be applied. You need to make your round as simple as possible, but still have the interest with enough penalties. There is a fine balance between a game being a great outing or something that is too confusing, and turns into a mess. Remember you will be dealing with people drinking alcohol.


After playing many hard rounds of Pub Golf here are a few good guidelines to make your round entertaining. It is good to have non-drinkers who wear rules armbands and act as rules officials, any player with a dispute could get a ruling from a sober person. Rules official's decisions are final.


Decide if you require golf attire to be worn and if 9 or 18 holes are your option, I like the 9 hole option starting at about 7pm through to midnight. 18 holes would have to start at around 2pm and it is a long game with not many people finishing. You decide on how much time is needed playing each hole depending on the sort of drink consumed.


Work out 9 or 18 different pubs all within walking distance and in a logical sequence so there is not too much walking between "holes". Work out the drink consumed at each pub based on that pub eg; Irish Bar a Pint of Guinness, which could be a par.


Have the meeting pub and time. With any golf game there is a penalty for being late. Pair people up, hand out score cards, little pencils and explain the rules, then let the game begin.


Penalty Ideas

Water hazard- An establishment whereby the players go to the toilet (there is one free casual water hazard with no penalty) and any other toilet stops incur a one shot penalty.


Bunker Hole- You may not ground your drink on any surface once picked up.


Bunker Ball- 2 balls that stay with the players throughout the night (starting with random players). To bunker a ball the player with the ball gets it into the targets drink, the target takes a one stroke penalty and must drink an extra shot of the penalised persons chosen spirit at that hole. The target then becomes the bunker ball controller. Only one use of each ball per hole and any person can have a maximum of three extra shots over the round.


If the person attempting to put the bunker ball into a drink misses then will incur the penalty and lose control of the ball.


Silent hole- No talking may take place while playing the hole. Rules officials will do any ordering of drinks on arrival at the bar then it is up to the players to use anything apart from talking to order extra drinks.


Name hole- Every sentence must have the name of the guest of honour in it.


All drinking must take place in front of at least two other players, including the scorer.


Any disputes are settled by the rules officials.


Any extra drink more than the required drink will reduce your score by one shot (it does not matter how many gulps/sips it takes you to drink that extra drink it will only be -1 shot off your score) This rule is to encourage extra drinking at any bar once you have completed the required drink.


All one shot penalties are to be a shot of the penalised player's choice and to be drunk immediately on the penalty given.

Any player caught being sick is instantly disqualified from the game.


Cheating is viewed in a very dim light and any action taken by a player that is perceived by the other players as cheating will result in a score of ten and a 2 shot penalty.


The group must all stay together at all times.

Any player unable to finish their drink at a hole will end the hole on a score of seven.


At one game instead of shots as penalties they used raw chillis. A good option for non-drinkers to play.


These are all guidelines and should result in a good round of golf.



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