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NewZealandAtoZ reviews; Bill Bailey in Christchurch, New Zealand, 2008


Bill Bailey;

‘Tinselworm' show.

Christchurch Town Hall Auditorium.

3rd September 2008.

I went along knowing about Bill Bailey from the English TV show Black Books.

Let's "cut to the chase", he was very funny and worth every bit of the $79.90 for a ticket.

I brought the usual tee shirt at $40 (On the high end of tour tees) and paid my $20 self imposed show tax for a programme (way over priced, but they all are and that's life). You did get a CD and some badges in the programme which was an added bonus. The Town Hall eftpos at the merchandise stall was not working so I had to line up at the ATM in the building with 7 million other people. This would have cost Bill a few dollars in sales.

Bill Bailey's show is user friendly. He uses no obscenities and does not pick on the crowd, unless some freak yells something out.

He started out with microphone problems which could have been a real problem or a conspiracy (He goes into the conspiracy theorists in the show), but he made it hilarious.

His lighting and sound for the show was great, along with the selection of instruments he plays. Bill is a talented rooster.

The show is filled with life observations, politics, music parodies and loads of other stuff thrown in. His take on the 2012 Olympics in London was great. It seems all the comedians coming into New Zealand get great comedy material going through customs. There must be an unwritten rule in comedy that if you need some great stuff, experience New Zealand customs.

The Kiwi bird also provided Bill with some great observations. What Bill thought the Kiwi was, among other things, Weevils in a robot suit, 2 hedge hogs and Darwin's joke.

He enjoyed the "No Problem" attitude of New Zealander's, and the space we had.

Even the weird Bailey bits were great. The crowd left with a sore face from all the laughter.

I am sure that Bill could fill some more shows next time he needs to get material from NZ customs and heads our way.



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