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Things New Zealanders worry about

Here is a list put together by of all the things we have to worry about, if we believe the media. 
If you don't have anything to worry about please feel free to pick a couple from our list and start to worry.

Crossing railway lines

Domestic violence 

People not wearing seat belts

Our children crossing roads

Not wearing a helmet on our bike

Are our roads safe enough 

How many medals we will win at the Olympics 

West Coast coal mining

Gold mines

Saving West Coast snails

Houses to close to the reducing coastline falling into the sea 

Rabbit population control

1080 poison drops on the West Coast

Cow TB

Bio fuel production causing food prices to rise 

Rain forests getting cut down

Rivers getting dammed

Sonny Bill Williams

Air pollution in China

Diddymo in NZ rivers

Democracy in Fiji
Land mines
Cluster bombs
Nuclear war
The Olympic torch run
Global Warming
Polar bears habitat
Babies seals getting clubbed
Dolphin getting caught in nets
Japanese eating Whales
Rain forests getting chopped down
Elections in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Money
Iraq in general
Iran making bombs
North Korea making bombs
Starvation in Africa
Aids in Africa
Homeless in New Zealand
Homeless in the rest of the world
Aboriginal forgotten generation
Rebuilding Louisiana
Britney Spears
Lindsay Lohan
Paris Hilton
Madonna's adoption argument
How much Heather Mills got
Who killed Princess Di
Who killed JFK
Did we land on the moon
How much asbestos cancer sufferers don't get
People who smoke
People who are fat
People who are thin
People who are too tall
Little People getting called dwarfs
People with spots on their body
Open fires
Gas explosions
Teenage drinking
Drink drivers

Is our partner having an affair

Drivers using cellphones
Cellphones causing petrol stations to explode
Exploding cellphone batteries
Snow tyres on your Jap import car
Uncooked chicken
Bad food advertising to kiddies
Kids who ride bikes without helmets
Kids who climb big trees
Kiddie fiddlers
Catholics priests who touch children
Other Parents with cameras at our kids sports events
What our kids watch on the Internet
What kiddies eat
What kiddies drink
Teenagers who take party pills
Boy racers
Girl racers
Girls out on the town looking for sex
Boys looking for those girls
Running out of fish in the sea
Drought in Australia
Bush fires
Gorillas in Africa
Battery chickens
Dancing Bears
Animals in Zoos
Too much sun
Too little sun
Too much red meat
Not enough red meat
Not drinking enough water
Where to buy Carbon credits
My carbon footprint
People who gamble too much
Gay marriage
The Church's attitude to anything
George Bush
Free trade agreements
New Zealand's Shit Broadband speed
Telecom's monopoly
The Warehouse Sale
Mortgage rates
Housing prices
People who drown cats
Killer dogs
Saving native birds
The bad NZ roads
Heart Attacks
Old age
Grey hair
No hair
Ginger hair
Rivers drying up because of the farmers
Mad cow disease
Bird flu
Farmers finding wives
Walking to work in the dark
Walking home in the dark
Our kiddies doing anything by themselves
Tidal Waves
Meteors that get close to the earth
Getting abducted by aliens
Plasma or LCD
Desktop or Laptop
The road toll
Rugby Stadiums
The All Blacks
People who wear borat swimsuits at the Wellington 7s
Police carrying tasers
Police carrying Guns
Police not carrying Guns
Shootings in the US
Criminals getting let out on parole
Winston Peters promises
Helen Clark promises
John Keys promises
Student debt
Credit card debt
Starship hospital funding
Westpac helicopter funding
Helping puppies become guide dogs
Greenies acting like idiots
Burning coal
Importing gas
Increasing power prices
The price of butter
The price of petrol
The price of food
Gangs in South Auckland
Gangs everywhere else
Police chases
New Speedo Swimsuits
Drugs in Sports
Beauty pageants
Kiddies beauty pageants
Pushy Parents
Brain tumors from cellphones
Cellphones combusting when you leave them under your pillow
Fur coats
Scientific testing on animals
The holocaust
Match fixing
Rebel cricketers
Violence in Rugby League
New rules in Rugby
Tiger Woods' effect on golf and the length of courses
The amount of sugar in cereals
The amount of salt in anything
The amount of good and bad fats in anything
The lack of iodized salt in our diet
Fluoride in water
Movie companies losing money from illegal downloads
Music companies losing money from illegal downloads
The Waitangi Treaty
Lead paint on kids toys
Immigrants coming to NZ
People moving to Australia
The brain drain
Paying too much tax
Companies not paying enough tax
Making more money
The world in 3 billion years
How far golf balls travel
Cow farts
Sea side homes getting washed away
Oil running out
Smog in China
Kiddies in sweat shops making our running shoes
Political correctness
Big business
Does or partner love us
Do our kids love us
Is life worth living
Is there a god
The cold
The Heat 
Doing anything we like!!!!


Please add any others.

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