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Bike Ride through Christchurch Before the Earthquakes

Christchurch teacher Josh Campbell shot the film over two months using a miniature camera clipped to his handlebars.

He did this to show how many times he came to getting knocked off his bike during his trips to work.

This video shows that you have to be careful while riding a cycle around the streets of Christchurch. You would have to show the same care while riding around any city in New Zealand.

This video shows you why it is compulsory to wear a helmet if riding a bike around NZ. The police will fine you if you are caught without a helmet.

If you are driving your car on New Zealand roads please remember these things.

  • Steering clear of cycle-lanes when out and about in your car
  • Avoiding double parking
  • Looking out for cyclists when opening your car door
  • Despite Christchurch being an easy place to get around by bike, sometimes cyclists are still involved in accidents. Any on-road accident, needs to be reported to the NZ Police. Information on accidents reported to the Police is used to improve road safety.

    By reporting an accidents it helps identify areas that are most in need of additional cycling facilities and rectify any on-road cycling hazards and develop educational campaigns to encourage greater courtesy between road users.

    For further information about cycling around Christchurch please contact the Christchurch City Council (CCC) cycling@ccc.govt,nz

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