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Suburb Streets and Roads

New Zealand suburbs are made up of mainly streets, places, terraces, lanes, avenues, drives, closes, cresents, ways and roads.

The numbers start at one end of the street (or any of the above) with the number 1 and work their way along to the other end. Even numbers on one side and odd numbers on the other. If any current house and land get sub-divided the new house would become an A,B etc. So if 110 was sub-divided and another house was place on the section it would become 110A.

The photos show typical middle class Christchurch streets. Many streets around New Zealand are similar. The new areas of housing are all starting to look like Westeria Lane on the US TV programme Desperate Housewives with areas of open front lawn and no fence. 

New Zealand, Christchurch Street with the Give Way (Yeld in USA) sign on the road in the foreground, and someone has left their green recycling bin out.

Christchurch Street in New Zealand

Streets on the Avon River in Christchurch Looking towards the Port Hills

Avon River in Christchurch Looking towards the Port Hills 


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