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Boobs on Bikes

Boobs on bikes Parade Auckland

Boobs on Bikes is a mostly annual parade of semi-nude pornstars riding on motorcycles through large New Zealand cities (in the past, Christchurch, Palmerston North and most prominently Auckland).

It is organized by the somewhat locally famous pornographer Steve Crow, to advertise his activities and the Erotica Expo, an adults-only pornography trade exhibition.

In 2006, the parade, then much smaller and less known, made headlines in Auckland, when Steve Crow asked for permission from the city council, which was granted. Strong political opposition later materialized from parts of the public and some politicians, including mayor Dick Hubbard and most of the Auckland City Councillors. Legal experts however concluded that the parade could not be denied by current laws (bare-breasted women not being an indecency in New Zealand in this age, as a police spokesman noted). Also, the organizers had technically asked only for assistance with traffic control for the parade and declared themselves determined to go ahead even in the face of opposition.

The acrimonious debate about the parade ensured that when the parade took place several weeks later, Queen Street was packed with spectators. Rough counts estimate around one hundred thousand people,of which about one fifth were reported to be female.The 2006 parade contained about 15-20 female pornstars on 26 bikes and two decomissioned army tanks.

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