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Old Golf Club Names


Below is an approximate list of what the golf clubs of today used to be called. We still use the 'Driver' and 'Putter'

No.1 Wood; Play Club, Driver 
No.2 Wood; Brassie 
No.3 Wood; Spoon 
No.4 Wood; Baffy 
No.1; Driving Iron, Cleek 
No.2; Cleek, Mid Iron 
No.3; Mid-Mashie 
No.4; Jigger, Mashie Iron 
No.5; Mashie 
No.6; Spade Mashie 
No.7; Mashie Niblick 
No.8; Pitching Mashie 
No.9; Niblick, Baffing Spoon 
No.10; Wedge, Jigger 
Putter; Putter


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