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Wedding Etiquette

If you get invited to a New Zealand wedding you will usually get a formal invitation by post with a reply card so you can 'RSVP' ("Repondez s'il-vous-plait" or "Reservez s'il-vous-plait", a French phrase that translates to "Please respond" or "Please book your place". "Response Shall Verify Presence", an English substitute for the meaning of "R.S.V.P.") by a certain date. It is polite to return the RSVP card with either accept or decline on the invitation.

If you have decided to go, guests would take a gift. Typical gifts are household items such as cutlery, china, towels or anything else that makes a house a home. The wedding couple often have wedding lists (Registry list) at large stores, so you can buy off the list that the couple have created. This saves any double ups. Once you buy your gift make sure you take the price off. The store will usually do this, and they will wrap the gift if you ask.

On the day of the wedding when you get to the venue someone may ask you if you are with the bride or groom. They will then tell you where to sit, this does not happen at all weddings.

After the wedding ceremony you are directed to the place where the reception is held. This is where the speeches, dinner and dance will take place. If is a day/night wedding things usually finish around midnight but it is not impolite to leave earlier.

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