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The Best way of getting rid of New Zealand telemarketers

Hang up (No fun but gets the message across). 
If they start with How are you today' answer I'm happy you asked because no one really seems to care these days, I have problems with my back which is playing up, my bum hurts my teenage daughter got pregnant and my wife/husband just left me for the pool cleaner. 
If they start with Hello, my name is Mary, how are you? You say Oh my god Mary how are you? It's been so long and that was one of the best nights of my life'. This will gives Mary moments of shock and terror as she tries to figure you out. Do what you like from here on. 
Say No' over and over again saying every no in a different tone with an even tempo even while they try to speak. See how long you can keep it going until they hang up. 
Let the person go through there spiel then at the end make up you best accent and say 'I no speaka da English'. 
Tell the Telemarker that you are a bit busy and if they give you their money you will call them back. If they say 'they can't give out the number' ask them for their home number. I they say they don't give out their personal number. Say 'now you know how I feel' 
Add any others you have or have tried.

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