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Sale and Alcohol Use

New Zealand has restrictions on the sale and drinking of alcohol. New Zealand has no minimum legal drinking age, rather NZ has a minimum legal purchase age, it is important to make this distinction. 
People under 18 cannot buy alcoholic drinks or drink them in any public places (photographic proof of age will be asked for if the person looks under 25 in most places). A person who is under 18 can only be supplied with alcohol by their parent or legal guardian. 
Young people who are less than 18 can be given something to drink at home or at a private social gathering like a wedding.

Alcohol can be brought at supermarkets and other liquor retailers (bottlestores or slang 'bottlie') 
Licensed restaurants and other licensed premises (Licensed premises include hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs, bottle stores, supermarkets, cafes and nightclubs. They are expected to act according to the rules for licensed premises) may sell alcohol. 

More more information on the New Zealand Alcohol sale and use please on to offical NZ government website


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