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Property Valuation

When buying a house or property there will be a price you have to pay, to own. This would be determined by the seller with advice from the real estate agent. Obviously the seller would like to see the most they can as the selling price, and the real estate agent would like to see a low price that would allow an easy sale and commission to them, without much work. This is human nature.

To get a fair indication of price you should pay there are many valuation companies and valuers out there to get an independent idea of what should be paid for the property. They will take into account and point out any major faults including, from types of building materials used, roof condition and foundation condition. These things will effect its value both now and into the future.

You also have the option of a building inspector who can be contacted through your local Master Builders Association or your local City Council

The valuer or building inspector will give you information on anything you need to know about the property so you can make an informed offer on the house.

The valuers costs will vary between companies, and how detailed you want your valuation report.

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