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Renting a Property

Most people who arrive in New Zealand to live will look to rent or let a house.

Properties are easy to rent in NZ, you can rent a house or go for the smaller flat (apartment) option. If you wanted to start looking before you arrive in the country the best place to look is on This is the biggest website in New Zealand for buying, selling and renting. Once you arrive you could start looking in the local newspaper under the "To Let" section (the Saturday and Wednesday papers are your best options) or contacting a local realtor (real estate agent) to see what they have on their books to rent.

Renting a property is getting more expensive in New Zealand everyday with the world wide property boom also effecting NZ. Auckland and Wellington are your most expensive places.

If you rent through a real estate agent or rental letting centre there may be costs to them (they usually look for 1-2 weeks as their fee). A bond is also payable before you move into your property. This is refundable once you leave the property in good order. If there is any damage the bond will be lost and used for the damage that has been caused. The landlord can ask for up to 4 weeks as the bond. The bond money is held by the Bond Processing Centre of the Ministry of Housing. They will provide check lists so the agreed condition of the house can be recorded to avoid arguments in the future when you decide to leave the property and want you bond back. The bond must be sent by either you or the landlord within 14 days of the beginning of the rental. They will then send out a receipt.

The landlord also usually looks for two-four weeks in advance. You will also have to allow for deposits to put on the telephone, electricity and gas(if needed).


fern= Furnished The amount of furnishing can vary a great deal

unfern= Unfernished

SC= Self Contained-The flat is attached to a house but has its own kitchen and bathroom

PW= Per Week

Refs Req= References required from character references before you rent the property

Pref= Preferred

Sing= Single

RM or RMS= Rooms

Lge= Large


If there are any disputes during or after your renting of the property the local Tenancy Services Office of Housing New Zealand will advise on what to do if you cannot come to an agreement with the landlord.

Property Condition

The property should be provided to you in a reasonable condition. They must repair any damage caused by normal wear and tear. The landlord will also pay any rates, land tax and insurance, but contents insurance is up to you to arrange with your chosen insurance company. This will protect you for any loss or damage to your property in the house.

The landlord cannot come and go into or onto the property when they like. The visiting times must be discussed and agreed by you (between 8am and 7pm) unless there is an emergency.

The landlord must give 90 days notice if they require the tenant to leave unless the landlord needs it for a family member or there is a sale contract on the house, which would then mean only 42 days notice is needed.

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