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BBH (Budget Backpacker Hostel) Discount Card

The BBH card is a card provided by Budget Backpacker Hostel New Zealand and gives you discounts on around 100 options aimed to reduce the cost of travelling around New Zealand and Australia, plus discounts and fixed rates on accommodation at many backpacker/hostel type locations.
You also get a $20 call card, so you can make those important calls, and keep in touch with your friends and family. From reports we have read at NewZealandAtoZ the card seems to be a worth while purchase.
The quality of backpacker hostel accommodation around New Zealand is generally of a very high standard.
New Zealand has plenty of bbh hostels all over the country. They are all very different, with their own character feel.
The bbh hostel network is one the owners choose to join.

The backpacker style of accommodation is aimed at the younger traveller and is designed to help you interact with other people travelling NZ.

The accommodation savings will probably be around $2 a night at bbh hostels if you have the card and you are going to stay in bbh hostels for 10 nights or more, you will break even, then start to win.

For full and updated information on the BBH card please go to their website

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