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New Zealand beautiful and economical

New Zealand — beautiful and economical - Brief Article
International Travel News,  June, 2001  

Choosing to see New Zealand in March '01, another photographer and I decided to rent a car for three weeks. This proved to be an excellent decision that allowed us to travel at a leisurely pace and tour both islands.
We had no trouble adjusting to driving on the left side, as traffic was sparse -- we sometimes drove 20 kilometers without passing another car.
With a car, we could take time to "wait for the sun" or photograph lake reflections at sunrise, improving our compositions. It also gave us a chance to really see the country. New Zealand has such a variety of scenic areas, from glaciers and brilliant lakes to geysers and rock formations. The scenery combined with some of the friendliest people anywhere made it a wonderful country to visit.
When we were there in March '01, the New Zealand dollar was worth 0.42 U.S. dollars, so prices for everything were about half what we expected.
I must say the food was rather bland, with not much variety, but ordering a petite steak with potatoes and veggies or salad for under US$10 compensated for the lack of choices. And tipping was neither encouraged nor recommended.
Their small motels were a highlight. Where else can you stay in a new 2-bedroom motel with two TVs, living room with two couches, fully equipped kitchen and picture windows in all rooms with views of snow-covered glaciers for $49 a night?
Every room we stayed in included milk in the refrigerator along with hot drinks. Most offered electric blankets, if needed.
I would like to highly recommend Mt. Cook View Motel (263 Cook Flat Road, Fox Glacier) at Fox Glacier for a super stay. The B&Bs were even more economical, ranging from US$24 a night up to US$40.
Don't overlook this beautiful country that caters to backpackers, hikers, hikers and those who love beautiful scenery.
Santa Rosa, CA
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