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City of Sails in the Middle Earth

Author: Ann

New Zealand or Aotearoa (what means "Long White Cloud") is mostly known for its beautiful and diverse nature geysers, mountains, lakes, beaches and glaciers. Nowadays the rapt attention New Zealand pays to the ecology allows to keep all its natural magnificencealmost untouched even in the big cities.
One of the most isolated corners of our planet, after the shooting of the trilogy "The lord of the rings" New Zealand received mighty flow of the tourists from all over the world. Everyone wanted to see what they considered the embodiment of the fabulous Middle Earth. The most popular places in the country are national parks Mount Cook and Tongariro. New Zealand is the unique place where you can combine alpine skiing and lying on the beach.
Auckland is the main port of New Zealand. It was founded in 1840 and till 1865 (when Wellington was built) was the capital of New Zealand. With its population of 1,1 millions, Auckland is the biggest city in the country boasting the largest University and international airport. The city in located in a very picturesque place with the views of the Pacific Ocean and Tasmanian Sea.
Auckland is often called "the city of sails" ships and yachts are the integral part of the landscape. Twice a year it houses a prestigious international regatta - America's Cup.
It's also a city of parks Western, Victoria, Mayers, Albert and enormous Aukland-Domain to name just a few.
What else to see in Auckland? For example, Kelly Tarlton ' s Underwater World a museum with the underwater tunnel and Kelly Tarton ' s Antarctic Encounter a place where landscapes and animals of Antarctic are presented.
Among other attractions of Auckland are Zoo, Botanic Garden, local vineyards and National Maritime Museum.
Nowadays Auckland is developing fast, its look is changing, new modern skyscrapers, luxury hotels and shops are being built.

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