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Increase of NZ House Prices


'WHAT a difference a decade makes. As recently as 10 years ago New Zealand prices were hugely lower than they are today and the country (and its housing stock) were considered by most property speculators as exciting new prospects. How right they were.

These days, New Zealand bricks and mortar have become HUGELY expensive and while there WERE many bargains to be had, these days this part of the Antipodes has become hugely competitive.

Having a degree in hindsight is one thing and calculating the potential returns that still remain is another. Sure the best profits have already probably been harvested, but if you buy into top end property in the right area there is still good potential to be enjoyed.

Being Northern boys, we're particularly fond of the landscape in NZ, which is similar to the Highlands of Scotland. And were you to be beamed into the hills outside Queenstown you could be forgiven for thinking you'd landed on the banks of Loch Ness. In short - it's stunning. So what's the deal? Well, rather a lot, even if the price is stiff.

The Shore is a newly built waterfront development with some of the best finishes you could ask for and it has already proved EXTREMELY popular with native and overseas buyers alike. Each two- bedroom apartment has a balcony, spacious internal accommodation and a host of extras such as Sky TV. The standard of fittings in the bathroom and kitchen is excellent and the views don't come much more spectacular than these.

So any other benefits? Well, YES. There's a communal gym (top tip - look into the management costs of an asset such as this) and access to a fabulous lakeside running track. Nearby there's good skiing, excellent golf courses and a host of outdoor pursuits and, to make the package even more exciting, it's worth remembering that for overseas buyers there's no Capital Gains Tax and not so much as a penny of Stamp Duty to factor into your sums! Hooray. Now where do we sign?'

'Benefits include a gym, lakeside track and excellent golf'

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