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Cruise New Zealand

New Zealand comprises two main islands and two main smaller Islands, known simply as South Island and North Island with two smaller Islands, Stewart Island at the bottom of the South Island and The Chatham Islands to the east of Christchurch on the South Island plus and numerous small islets. New Zealand boasts a variety of natural features and recreational opportunities to rival any place in the world. The North Island features the bustling metropolis and world yacht racing capital of Auckland, exotic black sand beaches and lush green hills. The South Island's mountainous terrain and glaciers have earned it the title of "Switzerland of the South Pacific."

Cruises that call at ports in Australia and New Zealand include longer Pacific voyages and world-circling itineraries. Some lines do however schedule cruise programs focusing on these two destinations, either together or separately. Because they are located in the Southern Hemisphere, summer arrives in December there, but their mild climates make these two destinations attractive cruise venues any time of the year.

House Boating

New Zealand also has the experience of House boating.
In a NZ house boat, fishing, diving and sailing are just a few of many reasons to get afloat. House boating is the perfect means of accessing all this fun and relaxation of New Zealand´┐Żs natural beauty, yet still enjoying all the comforts of home.

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