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Special Needs

Special Needs

A snowbarding film. Shot in New Zealand and around the world.


Special Needs is a Snowboarding film shot throughout New Zealand, Europe and North America. The film is 30 minutes long with over ninety minutes of special features!

Featured riders: Quentin Robbins, Chris Kroll, Rudi Kroll, Gigi Ruf, Romain De Marchi, Dylan Butt, Ross Powers, Alex Schmaltz, Marcus Wherle, Cheryl Maas, Jacob Koia, Anthony Leffelaar, Visa Vertanen, Roland Morley Brown, Robett Hollis.

Kiwi soundtrack featuring: The Have, Supergroove, Phelps & Munroe, Goodnight Nurse, Mixture, Marvin, Somerset, Video Kid, The Rabble, Not Quite Right.

Special Features include: Arctic Challenge, Skating, Trailers, The Process, Battle Ice Race, Base Jumping, Grommets, Sledding, Smithereens, Remedial Diary, Girlie Camps.

$40 + P&P - To order on-line
Running Time = 31 mins approx
DVD (PAL region free)

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