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New Zealand Tax rates

There are three basic tax rates in New Zealand


They are: -Taxable income up to $38,000 - the tax rate is 19.5 cents -Taxable income $38,001 to $60,000 inclusive- the tax rate is 33 cents -Taxable income $60,001 and over - the tax rate is 39 cents.

The non-declaration rate is 45 cents. Non-declaration rate is used when employees do not provide their employers with an IRD number.

If you're working in New Zealand, you will have to pay tax to the New Zealand government. Income tax is charged at 19.5% for the first $38,000, 33% between $38,001 and $60,000 and 39% over $60,001. The tax year runs from April to March and you may need to file a tax return after 31 March and when you return home.
Before you start work you will need to apply for an IRD number from the Internal Revenue Department (tel: 0800 227 774; website:

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