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Hitch Hiking Queenstown

Because Queenstown is a small town with a large proportion of backpackers, it can be difficult to hitch a ride out of town. Your best bet is to post notices in the hostels around town advertising that you want a lift and are prepared to pay something toward petrol expenses. Do this a few days in advance and you should have some chance of getting a lift out of town with the company of fellow travellers.

If you're a hard-core hitcher or just looking for the cheaper option you may end up competing with several other backpackers for a lift out of town which could mean a long wait. Walk out on Frankton Road until you're out of town and find a good spot to wait for a lift. Use a destination sign, since both Christchurch and Dunedin-bound traffic use this road to leave Queenstown.

BUG Ride is BUG's own web-based ride sharing service, it allows travellers to both offer lifts and search for rides throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.

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