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Hitch Hiking Auckland

The motorway system around Auckland makes it easy for drivers to get out of town, although you may miss out on a lot of traffic that is already on the motorway if you are waiting at a motorway entrance ramp. There are a number of convenient motorway entrances in the downtown area that make it relatively easy to hitch out of Auckland.

If you're heading south, you'll want to get on the Southern Motorway. Coming from downtown Auckland, the handiest on-ramps to the motorway are at the top of Hobson Street and on Stanley Street near the Domain. Pick a safe spot to stand before the motorway entrance, preferably a spot where a car can safely stop for you. An easier option is to take a coach to the spot near Bombay where the motorway ends. Any Hamilton-bound bus should be able to drop you off here.

If you're heading north, you have two main options. You can get on the motorway at the Fanshawe Street entrance, near Victoria Park or take a bus to the Massey University campus at Albany on the North Shore. Alternatively the North-Western Motorway also takes you north – you can get on at the entrance at the top of Hobson Street or at the entrance on Newton Road.

If you're hitching from central Auckland, you'll need to use a sign indicating your destination, as the motorway junctions in the central area are quite complex and lead to more than one motorway.
An easier option is BUG Ride (website, BUG's own web-based ride sharing service, which allows travellers to both offer lifts and search for rides throughout New Zealand.

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I don't recommend trying to hitch north from the Albany/Massey bus stop (park n ride), obviously you can't hitch on the motorway, and the onramp there is at the base of a pretty big hill. Also, the only place where drivers can pull over is part way up the big hill and about 30m around around a corner intersection where no driver will see you until theyre too close. The traffic volume is minimal too.
I strongly recommend taking the bus up to Orewa or Waiwera (same bus) which you can catch at the Albany pnr. Waiwera has an excellent hitching location (i got picked up after about 2 minutes). Although its not highway 1 it seems to be quite a busy little road.
The Northern Express bus from downtown to Albany is $5.60 and the bus from Albany to Waiwera is also $5.60. So if you're doing any other akl bus travel that day you may as well get one of those $15-16 day passes.

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