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Walking and Tramping Safety Tips

No matter how easy a walk or tramping track may be around New Zealand. Tramping and walking do have risks. Please note the following points before setting off.

Never tramp or walk alone.

Always inform the nearest DOC (Department of Conservation) office, a hotel owner or friend if you are setting out on an overnight tramp before you leave and let them know when you return.

Most tracks are well marked. Make sure you have a compass( and know how to use it), map of the track (available at DOC offices) and stick to the track.

Sudden weather changes do occur in New Zealand within hours. Always carry warm and waterproof gear. If you get wet you can run the risk of hypothermia. Ask local advice on weather conditions before heading off.

Always carry plenty of water, as dehydration is an issue in any climate. Established walking tracks often have fresh water sources at campsites and huts. If you plan to take water from streams, lakes or rivers you must purify it. Boiling for 3 minutes, chemical purifiers or a commercial filter.

Carry enough food for your walk or tramp along with a portable cooker if you are staying out overnight. High energy lightweight foods are best.

A comfortable lightweight, backpack and sturdy wore in boots are your most important items for comfort. For overnight tramps or walks in New Zealand a quality sleeping bag and tent (if camping) are essential.

The New Zealand sun is very strong. You must keep covered with a hat, shirt and sun block if you are out in the sun for to long. In the summer around 15 minutes is enough.

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