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Weather and Seasons

New Zealand is a temperate climate and generally the further South you go within New Zealand the cooler the average temperature range. However it is a country where you can genuinely enjoy the best the four seasons have to offer. From skiing and hot-springs to autumn leaves and wine the New Zealand experience will fill your need for a total holiday experience. In the South Island destinations such as Queenstown and Canterbury are famous for their four seasons options.

For up to date weather conditions check out the official weather site of New Zealand at

New Zealand temperture is measured in degrees Celsius. This means that a reading of 27 Degrees would be 81 Degrees in the United States.

The best approximate way to work out the temperture is;

To Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit - Multiply by 1.8 and add 32.

To Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius - Subtract 32 and divide by 1.8.



June - August

As the temperature cools and the snow arrives on the mountains the Southern Alps of New Zealand show their true untainted beauty and the alpine resorts come alive. For those who love the mountains, skiing or just the apre ski scene this is a magic time of year and a chance to enjoy the pure alpine experience New Zealand has to offer. While New Zealand's South Island receives good snow on the mountains its temperature range is relatively mild with the highs between 15 and 10 degrees and lows between 1 and 3 degrees. This enables winter holiday makers to not only enjoy skiing but also walks, golf and other activity options available in resorts such as Queenstown.

Take a close up view of the Southern Alps while travelling in the comfort of the Tranz Alpine train. One of the most spectacular train journeys of the world.

 Take the Inland Scenic Route 72 course between Christchurch and Queenstown for amazing close up views of the mountain ranges and alpine stops.

Sample the snow and resort experience in the Queenstown, Wanaka and Mt Hutt regions. Some of the best untouched skiing and snowboarding.


September - November

New born lambs, spring bulbs and blossom trees all signal the arrival of natures bloom and a wonderful time to visit the natural paradise of New Zealand. Take a garden tour or wildlife cruise, visit a high country station or explore the Milford Sound and Mt Cook regions. The temperature is warming up so it is also time to grab a picnic, enjoy the blossom trees and sample some of the great food and wine on offer.

Christchurch is know as the Garden City and with flowers in full bloom and blossoms on the tree be sure to enjoy a punt down through the park on the Avon river.


December - February

The New Zealand summer offers longer sunshine hours with warm temperature. Day light saving means that the days can sometimes last until 8:00-9:00pm. It is therefore a great time of the year to enjoy the fantastic range of golf courses, dry fly fishing and trekking or bush walks. New Zealand Summers are far less humid than those experienced in Japan and provide a great opportunity to try the abundant variety of outdoor activities and attractions.

Try the Humpback Ridge Track in Southland.

Go Fishing in the Rakaia or Mataura Rivers

Go on a Golf Tour to Terrace Downs or Millbrook


March - May

The changing of leaves to red and yellow with the cooler day time temperatures make Autumn a great time of the year to enjoy the beauty of the South Island and in particular central Otago and Canterbury. Take the time to enjoy the change of season by relaxing in the thermal pools of Canterbury, see the wildlife colonies of Dunedin, try some fine wines from Central Otago and sampling the famous Oysters from Southland.

Bluff Oyster and Southland Seafood Festival is held in May.

Wanaka, Arrowtown and Hanmer all provide a great environment to see a range of Autumn leaf colours.

Climate Chart Ave ranges (indicative only)

Winter Spring Summer Autumn

(jun, jul, aug) (sep, oct, nov) (dec, jan, feb) (mar, apr, may)
Temp(c): 15-9 degrees 19-9 degrees 24-12 degrees 20-13 degrees
Rain Days: 15 Days 11 Days 8 Days 7 Days
Temp(c): 13-4 degrees 18-11 degrees 24-12 degrees 18-9 degrees
Rain Days: 13 Days 12 Days 9 Days 9 Days
Temp(c): 12-6 degrees 15-9 degrees 20-13 degrees 17-11 degrees
Rain Days: 7 Days 11 Days 7 Days 10 Days
Temp(c): 12-3 degrees 17-7 degrees 22-12 degrees 18-8 degrees
Rain Days: 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days
Temp(c): 10-1 degrees 16-5 degrees 22-10 degrees 16-8 degrees
Rain Days: 7 Days 9 Days 8 Days 7 Days
Sunrise/Sunset 08:30/17:00 06:00/18:30 05:30/20:30 06:00/18:30
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