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Student Health and Welfare

Student Healthcare

New Zealand has a world-class healthcare system, with both private and public hospitals.
Healthcare is not free for international students, so it pays to invest in some form of health insurance from your home country.

In New Zealand the cost of medical care resulting from accident or sporting injuries are covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation.

Universities in New Zealand have their own student-health medical centres and doctor’s fees are usually cheaper than at other medical centres.
For impartial, supportive advice on sexual health issues you should contact the Family Planning Association.

The number to call for emergency assistance in New Zealand is 111

Human Rights

New Zealand is a multi-cultural country and people of all ethnic/cultural/religious backgrounds have the same rights by law.

Men and women have equal rights in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission and Race Relations Conciliator are there to help anyone who feels they have been discriminated against on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality.

Students in New Zealand who experience discrimination should contact a teacher or staff member immediately – discrimination is not acceptable in New Zealand.


All New Zealand schools, universities and government buildings cater for people with disabilities. Most modern buildings have wheelchair ramps.

At many NZ universities, students with disabilities can receive help with reading and writing.

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