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Buying a House in New Zealand

House Buying in New Zealand

Almost 70% of New Zealanders own their own homes, their own private home and piece of paradise. Unlike the house buying experience in many other countries, buying your home is usually quick and easy , the hardest part of house buying in New Zealand may be deciding which property to choose.

House buying is made so easy for fresh migrants by the very straightforward and uncomplicated procedures and regulations in New Zealand. It is easier to buy a house in New Zealand than in the United Kingdom.

Finding that New Zealand home

When looking for a house in New Zealand you want to consider how close you need to be to your place of employment, do you have a car or will you rely on public transport? Do you have school-age children and what recreational activities do you want to pursue? Do you have pets? Do you want space and a garden, or would you prefer a low maintenance home.

Although you can buy houses through private sales in New Zealand the best way to buy a New Zealand home is through a member of the Real Estate Institute New Zealand (MREINZ). Your local real estate agent has the experience and market knowledge to help you find the New Zealand home that will suit all your needs and wants.

New Zealand real estate agents advertise in all local New Zealand newspapers, many place their houses for sale in local property guides that are available free. New Zealand real estate agents are also now listing on the Internet. The Real Estate Institute New Zealand (MREINZ) can provide great tips on what to look for in your New Zealand home and what to watch for. The real estate institute New Zealand have a comprehensive website that allows you to search online for your new home in New Zealand. Its is advised for you to get a lawyer to handle the house purchase. These types of lawyers are called conveyancing lawyers. Find out what they charge for their service and call three or more to get a good idea of what you have to pay.

The size and type of New Zealand house

New Zealand has a varied climate and houses are built from a wide variety of materials using diverse designs and architectural styles: timber, brick, concrete and even such innovative materials as rammed earth and straw with mud or concrete to give you the best protection from the elements. If you can't find what you are looking for in your New Zealand home consider purchasing a section of New Zealand land and having your dream New Zealand home built for you.

What will it cost me and how do I pay for it?

The cost of houses varies widely in New Zealand with the highest median prices in Auckland with the cheapest in a major city is Dunedin

Overall, house prices are expected to continue to increase in the eight largest cities, driven by a number of factors including ongoing high net migration flows (particularly from Asia and returning expatriate Kiwis), increases in personal income and continued undersupply of houses (particularly in the Auckland region).

There are significant variations in house prices between cities. The Auckland and Wellington regions are largely built up urban areas and house prices tend to be higher, whereas areas such as Canterbury/Westland include rural bases where house prices tend to be lower. This means that it is likely that the actual Index for Christchurch may be higher than the regional average, though it is still likely to be well below that for Auckland.

The latest report on New Zealand house prices is under's your complete guide to New Zealand house prices

The New Zealand Mortgage

Most people buy houses in NZ by raising a mortgage through a New Zealand financial institution such as a bank or a New Zealand mortgage broker. Be sure to 'shop around' as interest rates will vary from bank to bank. The banks will also charge a fee to set up a mortgage, this can be negotiated to a lower amount. The banks want your mortgage. When applying for a mortgage the bank will need you to fill out forms with information about your income, savings, living costs and and debts you have.

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