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PHITEN Golf Health

PHITEN titanium products

These amazing products have been available in Japan for over 20 years. PHITEN titanium products utilise advances in the understanding of Bio-electricity to Improve your rate of recovery from fatigue and muscle strain, Prevent injury through reduced muscle tension and increased flexibility and Enhance your abillity to preform at your optimum level.

The Science of Phiten

Phiten titanium products work to improve, prevent and enhance. Experience the benefits and learn how these products can assist you to reach and maintain optimum health and performance.

Why titanium and 'Phild' processing?

Phiten has developed the Phild processing technique, invented by a Japanese chiropractor and now a time honoured secret. The Phild processing technique aligns the bio-electricity within titanium, so that when in close proximity to the body, it assists in regulating bio-electric currents. Titanium is used in this process as it is a safe hypo-allergenic metal, used widely in the fields of medicine and sport.

A lifetime of Aqua Titanium

Titanium metal is normally considered chemically insoluble in water, however Phiten’s secret Phild process allows titanium particles to bond with water. This solution is used to impregnate titanium into each and every fibres of the fabric, without losing the texture of the fabric. As the titanium is impregnated into the very fibres of the fabric, the effects last the life of the fabric even when washed regularly.

What are the benefits on the body?

The natural state of the body’s bioelectrical currents can be disrupted by everyday factors such as electrical equipment, cellular phones, stress, fatigue and injury. These interruptions cause bio-electricity within cells to become unstable and bio-electrical messages throughout the body to become confused. Phiten’s titanium combats the negative effects of instability by normalising the bio-electricity within each cell.

The benefits experienced from Phiten’s products are as a result of improved blood flow, circulation and associated heat generation:

Improve rate of recovery from fatigue and muscle strain

Prevent injury through reduced muscle tension and increased flexibility

Enhance ability to perform at optimum level, by reducing fatigue and tension

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Phiten Performance Ltd
PO Box 39-370
Wellington Mail Centre
Don Ponsford
Mobile 0275 PHITEN (744836)

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