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First Tee Golf Jitters

This is the place every golfer has the jitters from the high handicap player to the hardened tour professional.

Things to help you get the round off to a good start.

The first tee shot is the most important shot of the day. If you start of well it generates the confidence to flow onto the rest of the round, a bad start and your confidence gets an early knock.

Be prepared.

Slow everything down, because the natural reaction is to get the first tee shot away quickly. If you think of slowing your whole routine down you will find that it will turn into the normal speed, but you will think it is slow.
This is important keep it slow and smooth.

If you have done the practice, have confidence to swing away.

Warm up.

Arrive at the course with time to warm up (30 minutes is good) 10 minutes of chipping, 15 of putting a few pitching wedges, finishing with the club that you are hitting off the first tee. This is so you go straight to the first tee with the right feeling.

Most people finish with putting (which is the most important and this is why you spend the most time on it) but if you can finish with the first shot club you will hopefully bring the right feeling to the tee with you.
If you arrive late you must get to the putting green and then practice your swing by swinging two or three clubs at the same time, this is a quick way to warm up the golfing muscles.

Go out and make you partners want your first tee shot.

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